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We all love our HVAC systems. In fact, most modern people nowadays cannot imagine their life without a working air conditioning – how else are we going to deal with the horrible heat during the summer and the unbearable cold in the winter? If you live in an area with extreme climate, you know exactly what we are talking about. What most people do not know is that an AC system can actually provide you with significant health benefits! That is right – simply having air conditioning can improve the quality of your life in more than one way. The catch is that you must find a reliable AC repair company to maintain and repair your cooling or heating system, if something went wrong. We offer high quality AC repair services in the entire [ln] area.

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The comfort of your home or office depends, to a great extent, on the indoor climate. If you are able to maintain a pleasant temperature inside, you will feel good on the premises. This can be best achieved with air conditioner. AC systems are a great convenience, and we have come to rely upon them for our comfort a lot, so it is extremely unpleasant, when they malfunction or don’t function at all. If you are in Conroe TX, and that happens, don’t worry but request the air conditioning repair service of Cool Guys Air Conditioning and Heating. We are a HVAC repair contractors dedicated to creating a cozy indoor living and working environment where it will be easy to conduct your normal daily activities.

Cool Guys Air Conditioning and Heating is a leading HVAC company in Conroe, TX. Our company has been in the air conditioning repair service business for 30 years. Our extensive experience allows us to claim that we know our stuff. We can fix any type of air conditioner – from a Bryant to a Goodman. It is not recommended that you try to repair your unit on your own, because HVAC units are delicate and complex appliances. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with them, and these damages may be quite complicated to AC repair. It takes a skilled technician to fix the problems. Our company has the expertize, the know-how and experience to cope with all types of HVAC issues – from a broken belt to a refrigerant leak. We can deal with any problem without delay.

Our company is excellently prepared to provide you with HVAC repair service. We will fix, maintain or replace your appliance in no time, and at a minimal price. Do not suffer another cold night in the winter or another unbearably hot day in the summer, call us at (936) 539-1559, and you will have your perfect room temperature immediately.


by Mark Willams on

I am amazed of your professionalism. After your last visit, when you installed the heating system at my home, I am sure than I will never call another company. Thank you again and keep up the good work!